C3 Calgary Overseers
Location Pastors of C3 Calgary West

Pastor Lorne and Kelly have made Calgary home for over 25 years now, planting a church on the west side of the city. On Oct 5th, 1995 Pastor Lorne & Kelly moved from a small town in Northern Saskatchewen to church plant in Calgary. They have enjoyed meeting new people, raising up leaders and leading C3 Calgary West for all these years.  In 2017 they planted C3 Central in the heart of East Village with their daughter and son in law, Brittany & Steven Flight who lead the location. It's been an incredible journey meeting some of the most wonderful people and being a part of the C3 Global family. They love their family ,their city, the presence of God, the Word of God and the House of God.

They hope to get to meet you someday soon!

Location Pastors
C3 Calgary Central

Pastor Steven and Brittany are passionate about people meeting Jesus. Pastor Steven grew up in a small town in Tasmania, Australia where he served in the local C3 Church. Ps. Brittany grew up in Calgary where she too loved and served the local C3 church. They met at C3 College in Sydney Australia where they studied Music and Biblical Theology at C3 College. They both love Calgary and the people that God has in it. They love doing life as a family with their sons, Huon and Kohen and meeting all the amazing people that come through the doors!